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Goldberg was game and focused, but too many of her fans behaved like numbskulls.

Starting with the lady near the front who took photos and videos the entire time, and shouted “Love you on ‘The View’! The star stepped out of character and shot back: “Don’t yell any more s - - t because this is nerve-racking!

” When a cellphone inevitably went off, Goldberg snapped that “there must have been some announcement before the show, and could you please turn off your phones? Things didn’t get any better with the audience participation — the planned one, as opposed to the impromptu one.

Soleimanpour is Iranian, and he was in Tehran when he wrote “White Rabbit Red Rabbit.” The show is clearly influenced by living in an authoritarian regime.

It’s playful and often funny, but there’s a serious undertone — the rabbits are part of a lengthy allegory about peer pressure, obedience and repression.

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