Who is keith lemon dating

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Watch the video Francis confirmed that Avid Merrion's name, accent and dialects were inspired by his former teacher at the Leeds College of Art, Laimonis Mierins.

He also pointed out that Merrion is a mis-spelling of Mierins and is nothing to do with the Merrion Centre in Leeds as many people assume.

According to Francis, Lemon's background is that of a failed businessman who was most successful in 1993, when he won the prestigious Businessman of the Year award for his innovative creation, the "securi-pole".

He is also the son of the famous singer Billy Ocean, as established on Celebrity Juice by having a "DMA" test undertaken on them both during the show on 24 April 2016.

In that same episode, Lemon discovered that Chris Kamara was his half-brother.

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