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bone, basalt and limestone) resulting in a plethora of new artefacts such as groundstone utensils.

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4000 years allotted to the Natufian via radiocarbon dating.

Though over the years there have been quite a number of publications stemming from the Wadi Hammeh 27 excavation project, the detailed report under review here is a most welcome and valuable addition to our knowledge on the Natufians and their sites.

This final and comprehensive report is edited by P. Edwards, the director of the Wadi Hammeh 27 project since its beginnings in the 1980s.

Senior Lecturer, MA Archaeology (coursework) coordinator College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Archaeology and History Martin Building 161, Melbourne (Bundoora) BSc (Monash), BA (Hons-Sydney), Ph D (Sydney).

Archaeology Dr Phillip Edwards is a Senior Lecturer in archaeology at La Trobe University.

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