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Failure to register with OVIR will result in a 0 penalty payable before the authorities will allow you to leave Russia.If you are staying at a local hotel, the hotel handles this service for foreign visitors.• Support & Guidance by our bi-lingual office staff.

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Upon your request we will arrange meetings with the ladies with whom you have been corresponding.

If you need email access during your stay, our office quarters are available for limited email or internet support.

An A Volga Girl staff member will stop by your hotel or apartment to walk you to the office and help you find your way around, familiarize with the area and attractions (stores, banks, resturants, etc), and providing you any directions you might need to feel comfortable in your new environment.

and to ($209) the airport servicing Togliatti (Samara Airport: reservation code KUF).

One of our staff drivers will be waiting to greet you upon your arrival even in the early morning or other odd hours.

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