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This article explains these Windows XP policy settings in detail and shows administrators how to configure them in a Windows 2000 Server environment.

Acknowledgements Introduction Overview of Group Policy Windows 2000 Group Policy Settings for Network and Dial-up Connections Windows XP Group Policy Settings for Network Connections Windows XP SP2 Group Policy Settings for Windows Firewall Using Windows XP Group Policy Settings in a Windows 2000 Domain Appendix A: Windows XP Computer Configuration Group Policy Settings Appendix B: Windows XP User Configuration Group Policy Settings Summary Related Links Mohammed Samji, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation John Kaiser, Technical Editor, Microsoft Corporation While these features make networking in the home easier and safer, they might be in conflict with the type of connectivity that is present in the workplace.

This is not an issue with separate computers that exist in the workplace and home.

However, a laptop computer that is taken to work and then brought home might have the following problems: Fortunately, Windows XP supports the use of different user accounts and location-aware Group Policy settings.

By using a different user account when logging on to the computer when it is connected to the home network (such as a local user account), the organization intranet policies that restrict or prohibit the ability for you to change configuration settings within the Network Connections folder do not apply.

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