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If you are experiencing this, try setting the archive bit for the file - in Windows this can be either be done from the file's properties dialog (right click on it in Windows Explorer and check the box) or from the command line using "attrib +a ". Otherwise, load the only "Twilight Hack" save game. Also make sure your Wii is connected to the internet and do not use Wii to update when it asks you to after connecting to the internet. However, ever since I got it I couldn't get into the system menu. There is no HBC on it but it ran DVD-R's so it must be modded.

Once in the game, either walk backwards or talk to the man standing in front of you. Copy downloaded files to root directory of SD card. Once you put the SD in your Wii, it's a good idea to restart it and try checking your mailbox again. I cannot get my MAC address and I am not connected to the internet.

If you are using System Menu 3.4, you must immediately put the Twilight Hack to use. Download the Hack Mii installer You can use the mac address to build a custom hackmii installer at Letter Bomb MAKE SURE YOU SELECT YOUR REGION up top If you get the captcha wrong, it will RESET your region. If you do, the installer, well, in my case hung the wii. Try scrolling back several days then forward, past the current date, then back and forth again until you see the letterbomb envelope. Anyway, in trying to fix the menu, I got hold of Epic Mickey which ran an update.

Turning off or running some other channel or game will have the System Menu delete the savegame again, and you'll have to start over. Well, it didnt fix the menu but now none of my discs work.

Also, 3.4 must also extract twilight-hack-v0.1-beta2to sd:\ replace files when asked. It comes up with a message in Japanese and a big question mark!

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