The dating game sasusaku fanfiction

by  |  26-Jul-2016 07:33

Announcement: Life is a beautiful and complex thing.

With that said, I can't promise that updates will be regular or quick, but I will not leave any incomplete story unfinished.

Thank you so much for your patience and support, it means the world to me c: I hope everything is well with you! DISCLAIMER: Though my penname is "randomteenager", I'm actually 21 years old!

I made this penname when I was 14/15, and naturally it did fit at the time, but right now it doesn't.

I would change my username, but I lack all sorts of creativity when it comes to creating usernames and people tend to recognize this one, so for the sake of avoiding confusion I'll just leave it be :)And look, it's not as if he's agonized or freaked out over it throughout the whole of their relationship but he just really wants to fucking know why she seems oddly resistant to the idea of moving in with him.

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