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He could have amounted to something but for it and I can say I was wrong in my portion.) I realize my parents divorce was the best thing for me, my father never would have consented to me not being in PE Class and had he been in my life I would have been a victim of his man up be a man philosophy and far from being kind, understanding, and loving I would have had a childhood of all that faux-toughness and it may have broken me and I see that now as he only knows how to tear people down not build them up but that's just a symptom of Mobile.

Everyone follows the crowd and creativity and creative oriented people like myself are stifled.

The truth is, private school is the best way and smaller private colleges are better places to send your kids than big state universities, for one thing most dedicated professional graduate schools have a much smaller enrollment than big state universities so you prepare your kids for that kind of environment and every one of my kids will get a graduate level education. I have fought to preserve my position, preserve my reputation, preserve the status that college should guarantee me because I know in my heart of hearts if I had say been born in the ghetto or in the worst parts of Appalachia and had gone to public school and had that environment I never would have made it out.

The truth is I'm not the kind of person who could make it "up from the bottom" unless that starting rung was already in the middle, like what most college graduates take as that first job out of school because simply put I am great at intellectual work, at creative work, at being an idea person but I'll always be inept at basic chores I mean seriously my coordination is horrible even if I was put to cleaning, I never would have made it as a stock boy because it takes more physicality than I can do, so if you judge a person by basic rote tasks that they'll never be anything but inept at then they are judged for life that way and never get a chance to shine or blossom when if you had put them on an educational path, whereby they go to college and get that better job where they can use their mind then they can achieve anything.

And what has hurt me the most is how blood has wanted to stifle me by trying to make me do it a way that I just can't do.

I am very thankful for having been the official smartest kid at school at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, even as Vincent Odom I'm pretty sure rejected my Linked In request and I could have sworn Odom was expelled from Lourdes, maybe he wasn't but Odom got in trouble all the time as a kid so why does Odom have a law license right now and I don't?

I knew at an early age that I wanted to be Governor of Alabama and I also knew that Mobile does not really have a strong economy but there's always a place for lawyers and when my grandfather was who he was, my great-grandmother was on TV for 25 years, when my mother worked in the court system her whole life then of course for my ambitions Mobile was fine. I realize now it was a blessing I never went to the University of Alabama even thought I had always wanted it.

UA is the kind of place where a chosen few have a great life on campus but it can often get miserable for everyone else.

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