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(2007) "The sweet and the bitter": Death and dying in J.

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Thomas Aquinas' "Expositio super Iob ad litteram" in his Postilla on Job Pierlott, Matthew F (2006) The principle of alternate possibilities: Finding freedom after Frankfurt Posey, Rachael Kirchhoff (2006) Brain-based vision deficits: Characterization and simulation for presurgical planning Radalla, Abdelatty M (2006) Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical studies of electrocatalytic reduction of bisulfite Rynne, Terrence J (2006) Rethinking Christian salvation in the light of Gandhi's satyagraha Skerven, Kimberly R (2006) Lesbian self development in context: Cohort analysis at two points in history Stafinbil, Susan L (2006) Woman in emblem: Locating authority in the work and identity of Katherine Philips (1632--1664) Stock, Mary Lynn (2006) The role of health attributions, self-efficacy and causal attributions in recovery from traumatic injury Strifling, Kelly M.

(2006) Analysis and modeling of upper and lower extremity dynamics in children with cerebral palsy using walkers Suminski, Aaron J (2006) Contribution of visual and proprioceptive sensory feedback to the online regulation of wrist posture in humans using f MRI Voelker, John T (2006) The trinitarian theology of Marius Victorinus: Polemic and exegesis Wadhwa, Ajay R (2006) The role of body-concept in selecting dating partners: Is there a self-verfication motive?

Weaver, Wendy A (2006) When the bough breaks: Poetry on abortion Webb, Daryl (2006) "A great promise and a great threat": Milwaukee children in the Great Depression Welborn, Chris (2006) Modern Mormon use of patristic sources to validate the Utah-Mormon Church West, Angelique (2006) Minority mental health: Barriers to help-seeking and treatment attrition in a low-income sample Xue, Liping (2006) Elastic and inelastic finite element analysis of cylindrical shell intersections Xu, Jingwei (2006) Fuzzy PID control through optimization: A new method for PID control Yao, Huili (2006) NMR-based characterization of protein interactions: Studies of P450cam, RSP2, Su e and PMK Yossa, Kenneth F (2006) The challenge of modern inter-Orthodox rapprochement and reconciliation Yu, Shaofang (2006) Spectroscopic investigations and analytical applications of enantiomeric interactions Zhang, Jinguo (2006) Flame retardancy of polyolefin-clay nanocomposites { top } Abraham, Philip (2005) Multiple dimensions of creative instruction: The pedagogy of exemplary high school teachers of Naga students in Nagaland, India Afulo, Joseph Oduor (2005) Effective transition from high school to university in Kenya from the students' perspectives Bell, Ian (2005) The relevance of Bernard Lonergan's notion of self-appropriation to a mystical-political theology Boehler, Karl E.(2005) Heroic destruction: Shame and guilt cultures in medieval heroic poetry Branam, Amy C.(2005) Poe and early (un)American drama Bunta, Silviu N.

Hegerty, Sara Murray (2010) The neuropsychological functioning of men residing in a homeless shelter { top } Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed Sayed (2009) Control of PWM AC motor-drive systems under faulty conditions Barry, Theresa (2009) Womens' career pathways to the college presidency: A study of women in two-year technical colleges Bock, Benjamin R (2009) Individual difference variables in habitual susceptibility to misinformation Cho, Sungjin (2009) The in-situ characterization of a transesterification reaction using electrical impedance spectroscopy De Rosia, John J (2009) Role of gender and size in biomechanics of rear impact De Walt, Theresa A (2009) The primary prevention of sexual violence against adolescents in Racine County and the Community Readiness Model Eastberg, Jodi Rhea Bartley (2009) West meets East: British perceptions of China through the life and works of Sir George Thomas Staunton, 1781--1859 Holtz, Casey A (2009) Screening of behavior problems in young children from low-income families: The development of a new assessment tool Johnson Farmer, Barbara J (2009) Quality of life: The humanbecoming perspective.

A descriptive exploratory study Johnson, Michael Victor (2009) Ignition studies of bio-based fuels for advanced combustion engines Keller, Kathryn M (2009) Barriers to treatment completion in low-income families of young children with behavior problems Klopfer, Margaret J (2009) Examining the effectiveness of a multiple antecedent intervention for increasing secure infant attachment Liddle, Brendan J (2009) Synthesis, properties, and coordination chemistry of 2-(N-pyrazolyl)aryl amines Liu, Xiaolin (2009) Sensorimotor learning and control of motion in a novel coordinate system Maloney, Lynn Rose (2009) Loneliness, self-esteem, cognition, physical functioning, and nursing home satisfaction as predictors of depression Modjewski, Matthew J (2009) Design, synthesis and study of the bridged and cofacially-arrayed poly-p-phenylene molecular wires Mustell, Eliot J (2009) Internet protocol version 6: The next generation?

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