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We can help you determine — based on the types of credit card transactions you want to process — which of the two basic types of merchant accounts you need: card present (face to face) and card not present (CNP).

Card present transactions are typical in traditional retail environments.

Both the cardholder and the payment card are physically present, and payment is transacted when the cardholder or merchant swipes the card through a magnetic reader on a countertop terminal.

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The cardholder’s information, including the account number, is entered into the system manually.

Diversified businesses that deal in both card present and card-not-present transactions typically require merchant accounts for each type.

There was a time when all credit card transactions were of the card-present variety, and virtually all of them were completed using a primitive manual imprinter and a multi-page carbon receipt. Today, thanks to modern technology, merchants have numerous credit card processing options to choose from, some of which may be very familiar and others more high tech.

When you’re ready to start accepting credit cards at your business but you’re not quite sure how to get started, Trans First® can help.

We know it’s a major step forward for your business, and that you want to get it right the first time.

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