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Each year these roundups seems to get later and later!This one is an amalgamation of various ‘unpublished posts’ and related adventures, so carefully pour yourself a flat white, and nestle comfortably. Prologue Three years ago I wrote an end-of-year post that summed up my first year in New York.(Don’t forget to open all the links in a new browser tab . Back then I was in the early stages of learning how museums in the USA worked, and how they differed from those in ‘centrally funded’ parts of the globe.

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Digital transformation is really about something else that often isn’t openly talked about – transforming audiences.

Sure, we might change work practices along the way, but really digital transformation efforts are really in the service of visitors wherever they might be.

In that sense, ‘digital transformation’ follows in the footsteps of the education-led museology of the 1990s.

You can sense this in Nicholas Serota’s recently published “commonwealth of ideas” speech about a new Tate.

In the US ‘transforming audiences’ is especially tricky as the culture of private funding means that for most privately funded museums the ‘actual audience’ is a handful of board members and ‘significant donors’ (foundations and corporations), those who actually attend or use the museum and its collections as visitors.

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