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by  |  09-Jun-2016 23:03

It will train your mouth and lips to pronounce English words more easily.

Speaking English spontaneously by yourself is also EXTREMELY helpful in developing your ability to put your ideas into words… You can look at a list of discussion questions and respond out loud in English – speaking alone.

It might feel a little silly, but remember – this is GREAT training for your spoken English, and there’s nobody to hear your mistakes!

Also, it takes WAY too much time to think and translate when you’re in a conversation.

One of the biggest secrets to speaking English fast and fluently is to learn to think directly in English.

The great news is that this is is a skill you CAN develop with practice, and you can practice anytime – while taking the bus, while waiting in line, while sitting at home.

If you study individual English words in isolation, this is what happens: When you need to speak, you have to think a lot in order to combine the individual words in the right order, using the right grammar, and in a way that makes sense. If you focus on learning phrases instead, then you will have ready answers and responses for any situation – no need to over-think.

Focusing on phrases will help you speak English in complete sentences more naturally.

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