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Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk's aerospace company Space X is no stranger to experiencing failures with its experimental Falcon-series of reusable launch vehicles, having previously lost one vehicle to an explosion during launch in 2015.But the cause of the catastrophic explosion of a Falcon 9 vehicle during a routine fueling operation on...

As one of Metro Atlanta regions leading distributors of electrical supplies for commercial and residential use since 1990.

We have long been known for our comprehensive inventory and ability to deliver competitively priced supplies quickly to any destination in the Metro Atlanta area.

But it is not what we sell that sets us apart, it is how we sell it.

Despite a cool, cloudy summer, the ice levels in the Arctic have shrunk enough to tie with the second-lowest Arctic sea ice minimum, recorded in 2007.

"Historically such weather conditions slow down the summer ice loss, but we still got down to essentially a tie for second lowest on the satellite record," reports US National Snow and Ice...

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