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The "Today Show," for example, ran a series of misleading and poorly designed hidden camera "tests" to see if strangers would help a child being abducted (see "Stranger Danger: ‘Shocking' TV Test Flawed").

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Is Berry's case unique, or does it represent just the tip of the sexual predation iceberg? (Acosta, Hansen, and Eichenwald did not respond to repeated requests for clarification of their reporting.) Sex offenders are clearly a threat and commit horrific crimes, but how great is the danger?

Eichenwald is vague about how many other teen porn purveyors like Berry he found during his six-month investigation. After all, there are many dangers in the world—from lightning to Mad Cow Disease to school shootings—that are real but very rare.

Are they as common—and as likely to attack the innocent—as most people believe?

If you believe the near-daily news stories, sexual predators lurk everywhere: in parks, at schools, in the malls—even in teens' computers.

A few rare (but high-profile) incidents have spawned an unprecedented slate of new laws enacted in response to the public's fear.

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