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The following checklist is intended as a starting point for legal compliance pertaining to the operation of an online dating site.

This checklist is not intended to substitute for competent legal advice, and the operator is strongly encouraged to consult with the site’s business attorney when utilizing this checklist in any way.

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The starting point for any business is its skeleton, or corporate structure.

Operating as a sole proprietorship is strongly discouraged, and some form of corporate entity must be utilized when operating the online dating site.

The type of corporate entity will vary, depending on a number of factors, including tax considerations, local legal climate, anticipated revenues and asset protection concerns.

In some cases, the owners should consider offshore incorporation, given the potential for reduction of legal liability and tax exposure.

Various options exist for incorporation, including Subchapter “S” or “C” Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s), trusts, etc.

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