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displays adelphophagous reproduction (cannibalism within both the egg case and each uterus) and therefore has a maximum of two pups per litter following a gestation period of 9–12 months (Last and Stevens ).

Sexual maturity has been estimated at 6–7 years for males and 9–10 years for females in the western North Atlantic, with maximum lengths of 296 cm (female) and 250 cm (male) using von Bertalanffy growth curves on a sample of 48 males and 48 females (Goldman et al.

), the scientific literature does not contain evidence of any confirmed aggregation sites in WA. (2006) failed to confirm anecdotal evidence of possible aggregations observed by divers, commercial fishers and boat charter operators.

The Navy Pier consists of a long vehicle jetty from Point Murat out to the main pier head which is located 175 m offshore in water depths of up to 15 m.

The pier head is constructed of cylindrical steel pylons and cross beams, and covers an area of approximately 50 m × 25 m.

Two smaller dolphin structures are connected by a walkway to the main pier, and there are two additional isolated mooring dolphins 130 m to the north and south.

individuals, which were positively identified using spot patterns.

Ten sharks returned to the site over multiple years, with presence/absence data displaying a strong negative correlation with water temperature.

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