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This wildly flirtatious fire sign certainly takes the initiative when it comes to romance.

They're quick to move when someone catches their eye. Whirlwind romances are common for the Aries personality. As long as there's plenty of spice and excitement to keep the blood pumping, the relationship will be strong and long-lasting.

But to keep an Aries' attention, the person needs to be as energetic and as exciting as they are. Symbol: The Ram, Element: Fire, Group: Emotional, Polarity: Positive, Planet: Mars, Cross/Quality: Cardinal, House Ruled: First, Color: Red, Lucky Gem: Diamond, Opposite Sign: Libra, Chinese Analog: Dragon Be prepared to take your time when it comes to the Taurus lover.

Exceptionally sensual, touch is most important, and being rushed in any way, shape, or form is not going to turn this sign on.

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