Dirtymeans92 chat - Muslim male dating non muslim female

by  |  21-Jul-2015 15:26

When my sister Jandra, first generation American of Dominican descent started dating her boyfriend Arman, who is also first generation American of Bengali descent, my family had a case of the side eye.

It's not that my parents want us to marry a Latino man, they would say that they just want the best for us.

But the farthest thing from their mind was that one of their daughters would not only start dating someone from a different culture, but a different religion.

I talked to them about the good, bad, and confusing of what happens when a Latina falls in love with a Muslim man. FLAMA: What misconceptions about Islam have you realized now that you're dating a Muslim?

Jandra: There's a lot of misconceptions and ignorance from other people because they haven't educated themselves on the religion.

A misconception that I had was that there were so many rules.

Well, there are many rules, but I feel like what everybody thinks is that all Muslims are the same, which isn't true and not everybody follows the same rules. Not all of us go to church every Sunday, but we still say that we're Catholic—things like that.

For Muslims their holy day is Friday but he doesn't go to the mosque every Friday.

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