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as The footage shot with these cameras must be capable recording pictures directly above and below it.I’ve gathered information based on company websites, customer interviews I’ve conducted for Viar360 platform and reviews from websites like Amazon and dedicated photo/video online shops.The list here is trying to be as objective as possible but I strongly advise you to check personal reviews on You Tube or at least scour the internet by yourself before buying one for yourself.

Since m15 Ricoh updated the user interface and increased it’s storage to 8Gb which is enough for 25min of Video time.

It’s a significant bump up from the previous model which is probably not as useful anymore. It’s a fun entry level 360 camera that is mobile, however it’s a bit delicate due to its plastic framing.

Bublcam is one of the first actually one of the first 360 spherical cameras.

The Year 2016 seems to be THE year for Virtual Reality and 360˚ video enthusiasts.

Large Tech companies have invested time and millions of dollars into VR development already.

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