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also a full wide screen of her face when shes talking make a strong feeling that shes talking to me! Lilith Astaroth is a New England-based singer, model, and actress.

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She has been in the print publications, "The Scarlet Leather", and "Toxic Shock".

Her most recent print magazine appearance is the January 2008 issue of Hustler's Taboo fetish magazine.

Lilith has acted in the horror movie, Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition on Cambridge Community Television in Cambridge, MA. Her primary vocal styling is the death growl, although she sometimes uses a more melodic style of voice.

She began screaming at age 15, has fronted two Boston-based bands (Blodgett and Natural Aggression) and sang for a third, Cried, in Baltimore.

In 2008 she recorded solo tracks, which she released on her Myspace, entitled "Waste of Life" and "Soulthirst".

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