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Two Frankfurt-based private banks, Metzler and Hauck & Aufhäuser, are at the center of the investigation.

Another private bank, the Hamburg-based Berenberg Bank, was also investigated, simply because the wife of an LGT client has a safe deposit box there.

The affair strongly reminds veteran investigators of the "bank cases" in the late 1990s, which led to thousands of investigations after a series of spectacular raids of German banks.

Liechtenstein dating marriage

For the banks, this meant that they could retain their clients' accounts, and in some cases could even earn a little additional revenue in transfer fees for moving the money to the Luxembourg accounts.

But according to one former investigator who was deeply involved in the 1990s bank investigations, some German banks apparently preferred models that allowed them to keep the funds in-house.

Under this model, assets already deposited in Germany would be transferred abroad using a series of transactions intended to camouflage the flow of money, and would then be transferred back to the same bank, but into a new account.

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