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The first idea of the “Boredom Is A Choice” Series is what I like to call – using hypothetical questions, or simply hypotheticals. So, as you probably figured out already – hypotheticals are creative questions that put someone in an imaginary, hypothetical position where that person has to give you an answer based on the circumstances you created.

So, one of the best ways to spice up a conversation is using hypothetical questions. And what I found is that hypotheticals are great questions to ask my girlfriend in the middle of a Skype conversation just to change the subject and make my conversations more fun.

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You might ask her the “100.000$ hypothetical question” and then end up talking about money, passions, shopping, traveling etc.

Another great thing about hypotheticals is that these questions help you get know each other from very unique angles.

How else would you find out about her shopping preferences, if not putting her in the situation where she has a lot of money and the possibility to buy whatever she wanted?

Boredom is a choice and only boring people get bored – all the others look for ways to make their conversations fun and interesting.

I am sure you’re a very creative person and you’re having great Skype conversations with your girlfriend, but if you need a few more suggestions to help you spice up your 2 hours long Skype talks then I am here to share with you some of my best ideas.

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