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Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and her husband Dan Mulhern stand during the funeral service of former U. Born: Jennifer Granholm: February 5, 1959 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Jennifer: "My life's direction changed forever at Harvard, where I met Dan ... Paul's Catholic Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Honeymoon: Jennifer and Dan honeymooned in Ireland. Dan: "What would you guess is THE most significant activity that you can do to support your children's psychological and cognitive development? [Professor William] Doherty says unequivocally that the most significant activity is to have frequent meals together with your entire family ...

Jennifer: "Dan completely took over the challenge of running our household.

I still pinch myself about my good fortune in marrying a man who was willing to serve as the primary parent in our family. ' I answer, ' I married well.'"Source: Jennifer Granholm, Dan Mulhern.

Daniel: Author, stay-at-home dad, First Gentleman of the state of Michigan, public speaker, radio personality, consultant, social worker, lawyer, teacher, president of Granholm Mulhern Associates, leadership, changing roles of men and women, and organizational development expert.

Quotes About the Marriage of Dan Mulhern and Jennifer Granholm: Jennifer: "My story would not be possible without a partner who was holding the safety net for me and for our family as I leaned in."Source: Jennifer Granholm. Dan: "In my home, we have watched my wife play most of what used to be considered male roles; many of you have witnessed the obvious – Jennifer as primary breadwinner, public face of the family.

In our house too, roles were flipped from very early on, e.g., she cut the lawn, and I shopped and did most of the cooking. the choices Mom [Jennifer] and I made to put her public service in front of my career, and for me to lead at home, left me vulnerable and caused me to rethink what it means to 'be a man.' It has not been a tragic end to my manhood, but a wondrous beginning ...

Jennifer granholm dating

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