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King Henry II imprisons his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and takes up with his mistress, Rosamund Clifford. (From The Annals of Dublin) Meyler Fitz-Henry, lord justice of Ireland, petitioned King John for permission to build a castle in Dublin, to store his treasure, John granted permission and awarded him 300 marks, due to the king by Jeffery Fitz-Robert King John agreed to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, or Great Charter of English liberties, at Runnymede, near Windsor.Henry's sons, Henry, Richard, and Geoffrey lead a revolt against him, but the House of Commons remains behind the King .. The document, made peace between John and his barons, and guaranteed the nobles their feudal privileges and promised to maintain the nation's laws.The body of Hugh de Lacy (who had been murdered at Durrow in 1186) was this year removed from among the Irish, and buried at Bective in the county of Meath, by Matthew archbishop of Cashel, and John archbishop of Dublin; but they deposited his head in the abbey of St. On the 2d of January the greatest part of the city of Dublin was burned down by an accidental fire, which did not spare the steeple, chapter-house, dormitory and cloisters of Christ-church: but such was the devotion of the citizens, that they first set about a collection for the repair of the church before they thought of re-edifying their own houses.

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Mary's Abbey were destroyed, the latter held records in chancery, many of which were lost. Dublin were drawn on hurdles at horses tails through the streets, as a punishment for using false weights and other evil practices.

This happened in a year of great scarcity, when a cronoge of wheat sold for 20 s. The septs of the O-Birnes and O-Tools invaded Tassagard and Rathcool, striking terror into the citizens of Dublin, The citizens were powerless against them, as their forces were supressing a riot raised by Robert de Verdon in Urgile, (Louth.) But upon the submission of Verdon, the O-Birnes and O-Tools were quelled.

Adam Duffe O-Toole was convicted of blasphemy in Dublin, viz.

Queen Boudica of the Icini tribe England rise in revolt against the Romans, in response to seizure of her lands and the rape of her young daughters, after significant successes, the revolt was crushed later in the year.

In Terryglass Co Monaghan Aed Allen mac Fergaile and Cathal mac Finguine the most powerful rulers in the north and south of Ireland respectively, agree to settle their territorial differences.

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