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Singer Lee Hyori has been the subject of dating rumors before.

She will admit to dating one actor, although she won't say who it is.

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The rumor said that a g.o.d member supposedly called up Rain randomly on a live radio broadcast, and Rain picked up, saying, "Hyung, I slept with Lee Hyori." "But we all know.

There's no such thing as a random call on these shows. And on top of that, we just didn't sleep with each other," said Lee Hyori. "If we had indeed slept with each other, when I heard the rumors I would have been upset that he spoke about it but we didn't so I didn't even worry about it," she said.

"I thought it would just blow over because it made no sense, but it got so big." One day when she was hiking in disguise she heard a mother and daughter talking about it.

Their agencies may be back-flipping on what exactly is going on with Lee Hyori and her boyfriend Lee Sang-soon; but they seem to have more or less let the cat out of the bag when they confirmed reports that the couple were planning to marry.

According to rumours, the couple of three years have already printed the wedding invitations for their September nuptials.

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