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by  |  25-Sep-2014 05:35

I've posted on here before(I secretly want to see my nephew naked).Well me and my husband decided he could come to the house again to hang out with my kids, so he came over last night and him and my kids went out till about 230am and than came home.I was still up like I am every night on the computer and while my kids went to their rooms, my nephew laid on the couch next to the computer. He is 25, 5'10 and probably 155 lbs and very handsome. Anyways I was reading my email and I heard a smacking noise, so I poked my head around the corner and saw him masturbating.

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So I started watching him and before I knew what was going on, my oldest kid Brandon walked out and saw me watching his cousin.

He coughed and I jumped up and got back on the computer. Meanwhile logan(my nephew) stopped playin with himself and went downstairs.

So after about 45 minutes I made the decision to go talk with him if he was still awake.

I put on my skin tight pjs and walked as quietly as I could downstairs.

When I finally made it down the door was open but I didn't see him.

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