Hindutva crazies on dating of the rig veda who uses online dating sites more men or women

by  |  20-Jul-2015 11:54

Maybe that was part of the reason long ago (I do not necessarily believe that), but it is certainly no the case today.

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The 'revisionist project' certainly is not guided by the principles of critical theory but takes, time and again, recourse to pre-enlightenment beliefs in the authority of traditional religious texts such as the pur ANas.

In the end, it belongs, as has been pointed out earlier, to a different 'discourse' than that of historical and critical scholarship.

In other words, it continues the writing of religious literature, under a contemporary, outwardly 'scientific' guise.

It wasn't until I seriously started to research the Aryan Migration Theory that I believed it to be done and dusted, and consigned to the waste bin of rotten ideas long debunked.

Indeed, a quick search on the internet and you'll find things like the collapse of the AMT, the death of the AMT myth, and the final nail in the coffin of the AMT.

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