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A van arrives, from which Darko Brevic emerges, with his hands tied behind his back.Darko looks as if he's been living a rough life - the guilt of betraying his friends many years ago has clearly destroyed him.Niko confronts him, and demands an explanation for the betrayal. Friends that Goran and his guys killed," explains Darko. You can either execute Darko (using the pistol) or decide to let him live.

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Make your decision, and then take Roman back to Brucie's place in Broker.

Afterwards, Niko calls Bernie to inform him of the situation.

Meet Jimmy at the Honkers club in Tudor - he has another favour to ask.

In this last section of the game, Niko is forced to make a decision which will have major impacts on the final outcome of the story.

There are two possible outcomes, so it is recommended that you save your progress before making the decision, and that way you can go back later and try the alternative outcome.

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