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The White House is furious at the growing revolt of the states: : ND, SD and WV do not have active resettlement programs, but Catholic Charities, and other organizations that make tens of millions in tax dollars as part of “Resettlement, Inc.”, are putting huge pressure on them to now do so.

UPDATE: We have Alaska in green because its Republican Gov.

Bill Walker (I, former R) said he “can’t be bothered” to address this issue due to other concerns, angering many Alaskans who want him to oppose it. Bob Herbert’s (R) office says the state is accepting “refugees”: “Utahns are well known for our compassion for those who are fleeing the violence in their homeland, and we will work to do all we can to ease their suffering without compromising public safety.” [Herbert’s contact form here] UPDATE: SECOND DEMOCRAT: Montana Gov.

Steve Bullock (D) says refugees requesting settlement in Montana will be denied if there are safety concerns. Matt Mead (R) said Wyoming will not accept a lackluster system that allows terrorists to slip through the cracks.” : North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple (R) called for a halt to Syrian refugees into U. Is your state welcoming any of the 200,000 so-called “refugees” Obama is demanding be imported into the heart of America, despite there being no “effective protocol” to properly vet them for ISIS ties?

If so you may wish to contact your governor at THIS link.

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