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Filing a Disclosure Document with the USPTO puts you under a 2-year deadline to reference that Disclosure Document in a full patent application otherwise the Disclosure Document is destroyed.

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Just because you were first to “invent” does not mean someone else cannot have your idea later and still get the patent. Extending your one-year public disclosure or sale grace period for U. By not having your provisional or full application submitted before you publicly disclose or sell you have already automatically forfeited any patenting rights in most foreign countries.

You must get an application, either provisional or full, in before the end of the grace period and they do not extend the grace period. Yes, filing a provisional application using a paper that is to be published or a speech that is to be given MAY BE a good strategy IF the paper (and maybe other material thrown together with it) truly divulge the invention sufficient that one skilled in the art could practice it without additional inventiveness.

If the paper just talks about one piece or is otherwise not thorough enough you may be in trouble since the priority date you get for filing your PAP will only cover the patentable matter, if any, disclosed in the PAP.

A provisional application essentially does 3 things: 1) lets you mark your products “patent pending,” 2) reserves a “priority date” for your eventual full filing, and 3) puts you under a 1 year deadline to submit the full patent application. Your provisional application does not increase the time period in which you would be permitted to sue an infringer by even a single minute.

The sad fact of the matter is that many patent practitioners either are downright hostile to the use of provisional applications or prefer to rush you into doing it wrong–and thereby substantially increasing their fees from you. Jennifer would have you believe the provisional application increases your “patent term” by 1 year but, while this is technically true, this is usually just terminological hocus-pocus that may make you believe you got something when you didn’t.

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