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I truly believe one day we will equate this to when those two little girls saw the Virgin Mary appear to them in Fatima. [Read More...]Well folks, we're at yet another season finale for Teen Mom 2. It seems like just 200 episodes ago the season started and now we're at the close.

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') and Barb (the wind beneath our wings) and this time around Jenelle wants to try and pretend it never happened and she wants to talk to Barb because, you … We had a nice little break while I was away and then MTV showed a repeat the second week, which made my heart squeal with delight. I'm kidding, she basically tried to figure out ways to use her son to get criminal charges …

I missed you all and none of you all at the same time. [Read More...]Welcome back my friends of Ye Old Teenage Mother! Jenelle - Barb is such a barrel of laughs (and possible monkeys) in this episode.

In case you were wondering if Leah's kids were still hungry or thirsty from last episode..… Looks likes another season of Teen Mom 2 has snuck up on me. [Read More...]2016 Cigar Humidor Reviews 10 Best Beard Oils in 2016 Reviewed 12 Best Desert Boots for Men 2016 10+ Christmas Gifts for Wife 2016 Best Face Wash in 2016 for Men Top Bathing Suits for Men in 2016 Top 10 Sneakers in 2016 for Men Eyeglasses Guys Love Best Funny Memes Ever 10+ Best Cigars That are Top Rated Top 10 Mens Wallets of 2016 Season Ten Best Concealers for Dark Spots Top Dry Shampoo for Oily or Dry Hair Best Self Tanner This Year Trendy Makeup All Chic Women Love Best Nude Lipstick Trends This Season Best Eye Cream for Under Eyes 94 Famous Movie Quotes Best Dark Spot Correctors Summer Best Matte Lipstick Colors & Shades Best Pink Lipstick Colors For 2016 Best Gifts for Him 2016 Best Toaster Ever Best Anniversary Gifts 2016 Best Vacuums Ever Funny Coffee Mugs & Cups 2016 Best Wedding Gift Ideas 2016 Housewarming Gifts We Love The Cutest Best Friend Gifts Ever Top Holiday Gifts for Men in 2016 - 2017 Season 21+ Trendy Costumes This Halloween!

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With a new movie coming out and her last starring vehicle a bomb, what better way to get yourself trending than… His celebrity girlfriend has been bailing on big events and that…

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