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Scott’s rave: One of LScott’s beautiful poems she wrote in only 7 minutes and made my day by allowing it posted here!

Oh, the passionate moments that feel like a dream with the one we love and our senses are “relentlessly” captivated!

I also call it “heartquake” and nothing compares to it.

Please visit and follow LScott Poetry to enjoy more of her…

Many flowers live in gardens Their colors add light to our days but one bud shines brighter than others It’s special in so many ways This flower radiates strength and our world is a better place with all the love that is offered in it’s very warm embrace © LScott 2013 Photo: Google Images Pulses race with empty time His mustache sweeps over creamy skin drinking in sweetness becoming drunk with need in a moment defining the bond they share a moment needed more than air they breathe and as they reach the peak eyes on each other they smile anticipating next time…

© LScott 2013 I love the smell of coffee, the taste of coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt, but I’ve never liked coffee itself until just a few years ago…I’ve acquired a taste, but not to drink it black!

A little non-fat milk and sweet n low will do the trick or my favorite is a Vanilla Latte (non-fat).

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