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by  |  29-Jun-2016 10:55

Whenever we prevent our kids from playing or exploring in the ways they prefer, we place another brick in a barrier between them and us.

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Every kid is different, just as every adult is, and we can't get into their heads and find out just what they are getting out of something that we don't understand.

I know well a kid who, for years, spent hours per day watching television shows that I thought were really disgustingly dumb; but, over time, I discovered that she was getting a lot out of them. She understood all the ways in which the shows were dumb, at least as well as I did; but she also saw ways in which they were smart, and she analyzed them and learned from them.

They contributed greatly to her abilities as an actress (she eventually had major parts in high-school plays), because she acted out the parts vicariously, in her mind, as she watched.

Quite a few parents have asked me, at talks I've given, about the advisability of their limiting their kids' computer play.

Others have told me that they do limit their kids' computer play, or their total daily "screen time," in a tone that seemed to suggest that any reasonable parent would do that.

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