Coping with dating

by  |  24-Aug-2016 16:51

If you’ve never tried it, let me share some of my experiences, and warn you about potential scammers. So I’ve joined free sites, and hope that I might be lucky enough to find a man who means what he says.

I compared notes with another PCV in Lesotho, my age, who is also online dating, and she said these men post photos of handsome men, who are not them, and after a while, ask you to send money.

(Might that be a new version of the infamous Nigerian scammers? So now when I receive a FB friend request from a man who says: “Hi Sonia , how are you doing ?

) They make up some excuse like their son or daughter needs surgery, or they lost their business. thanks for accepting, I do really appreciate , can we get to know each other better if you don’t mind?

The Peace Corps warned us that boredom and loneliness may cause a problem at times, and asked us to think of some coping mechanisms. My days are busy with teaching, but evenings and weekends can become quite lonely, and boring in my rural village in Lesotho.

It’s quite common for Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) to get depressed between months six to nine of service.

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