Consolidating packages with strap

by  |  29-Mar-2015 17:48

Littelfuse offers the widest selection of magnetically operated reed switches.

Reed switches are available in bare glass or overmolded packages with a variety of mechanical, electrical, and magnetic characteristics.

consolidating packages with strap-18

Thyristors are normally two- or three-terminal devices for either unidirectional or bi-directional circuit configurations.

Littelfuse's sensitive gate Triacs are AC bidirectional silicon switches that provide guaranteed gate trigger current levels in Quadrants I, II, III, and IV.

Interfacing to microprocessors or other equipment with single polarity gate triggering is made possible with sensitive gate Triacs.

Gate triggering currents of 3 m A, 5 m A, 10 m A, or 20 m A may be specified.

Sensitive gate Triacs are capable of controlling AC load currents from 0.8 A to 8 A rms and can withstand operating voltages from 400 V to 600 V.

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