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Excel users know that workbooks are a powerful metaphor.But many users are equally aware that dealing with workbooks can cause a huge number of snags.The hacks in this chapter will help you avoid some of these snags while taking advantage of some of the more effective but often overlooked ways in which you can control your workbooks.

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Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet application, and you can do incredible things with it.

Unfortunately , many people design their Excel spreadsheets with little foresight, making it difficult for them to reuse or update the spreadsheets they've so carefully built.

In this section, we provide several tips you can follow to ensure that you're creating spreadsheets that are as efficient as possible.

need to add more data or formulas to your spreadsheet because chances are good that you will.

With that in mind, you should spend about 80 percent of your time planning your spreadsheet and about 20 percent implementing it.

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