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One case study tells the story of an Inuk girl who was “prostituted” by her mother, a “survival sex worker,” in Ottawa at 10 years of age for “an extra fee.” Extreme poverty and a lack of social services common in northern Inuit communities amplify risks of exploitation and human trafficking. Clients of an Ottawa Inuit addiction Centre interviewed in the report describe their Nunavut communities as “war zones.” I spoke with Roos, who told me that human trafficking in Inuit communities, “the luring and grooming and baiting for prostitution…really started about 20 years ago.” The Inuit population is “susceptible to being lured by traffickers to move south to escape,” Roos’s report says.This “luring” can occur through various means, including Facebook, and dating websites like Plenty of Fish.

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Another case study describes the lengthy plight of “Mary,” an Inuk girl who met a man on Plenty of Fish and was “trafficked into forced sex work.” Mary moved out of child services in Ontario when she turned 18, living on the streets and off of social assistance.

After moving in with a man who didn’t reciprocate her feelings, she turned to Plenty of Fish in hopes of finding a boyfriend.

A man contacted her in 2010 and told her that he hired dancers for “adult entertainment spots,” and asked if she would work for him.

Predators are taking advantage of women looking for love on sites like

I’ve been reporting on human trafficking in Inuit communities for more than a month now and I’ve heard some pretty shocking stories in the process.

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