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Dating a married women is somewhat exciting and at the same time challenging.

Most men do it for enjoyment, and do not actually think of the end result that awaits them.

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italien dating it - Consequences of dating a married women

While extramarital affairs have always existed alongside the institution of marriage, today the phenomenon appears to be far more open and accessible than before because of increasing anonymity in the social landscape as well as more choices in modes of communication.

However despite websites that hook you up with married women, married affairs continue to have a high failure rate and here are some reasons why having an affair with a married woman isn’t a very smart idea.

Excessive secrecy can do you in To begin with an obvious drawback of dating a married woman, you just can take her out anywhere.

You will have to plan very meticulously how to meet or pick her up and where to go without the possibility of being seen by a familiar face.

All this secrecy might seems delicious in the first few days and even add an element of ‘getting away with it’ that spices up your affair.

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