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She is the daughter of the late Frank Bertinelli, the fiancée of the late Michael Staton, and the ex-lover turned enemy of Oliver Queen.She was set on destroying her father's crime empire.She tried to kill her father but Oliver intervened, and she was almost killed by her father with her own crossbow.

She later returned to Starling city to kill her father, because he made a deal with the FBI and the justice department to avoid jail time, in exchange for him to testify against the East Coast family, and would go into a witness protection program.

She returned a second time, only to be stopped by Oliver, who was forced to let her go after she shot Mc Kenna Hall.

She came back to Starling City for a final time when The Arrow arrested her father.

She almost killed her father, only for him to be killed in the crossfire caused between vigilantes and a police officer.

She was ultimately arrested by Officer Quentin and sent to prison.

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