Sex chat free without resistrstion - Cofiguration options for updating windows xp professional

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Set the value to 1 Disable Services (Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services) you don't need to have enabled.

Particularly consider: Go to Settings - Control Panel - System - Remote, and disable both Remote options.

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Windows Messenger: Unless you really use it, turn it off by going to its menu option of Tools - Options - Preferences, and unchecking "Run this program when Windows starts" and "Allow this program to run in the background." Use a more secure browser (such as Firefox) for routine browsing, and use IE only when needed for sites you trust (the IE View extension makes this very easy to do).

Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options - Security tab - Internet Zone - Custom Level; set security zone to Medium.

Scroll down to Scripting section; disable "Allow paste operations via script" - General tab- Temp.

These are suggested basic Windows XP settings to improve its usability and security, and the privacy of its users.

This is designed primarily as a checklist that I will be using for myself, and is not meant to be completely comprehensive, or even to explain the reasons for my suggestions.

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