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When you travel to SE Asia you will commonly see cats with what appear to be mangled tails (I would say like 80% of cats).It basically looks like their tail got caught in a bicycle’s spokes and was allowed to heal without any medical attention.

I guess it’s because such a belief implies some kind of deliberate malice and sadism in people all over SE Asia. When you think about it means that across multiple countries, dozens of ethnic groups, languages and religions cats are purposefully maimed shortly after they are born.

And that idea implies a cultural connection between all the countries in SE Asia that doesn’t really exist.

Even very popular sports like canoe races and speak takraw aren’t ubiquitous in SE Asia.

I will be the first to admit that cats and dogs aren’t treated very well in SE Asia…but their treatment has more to do with a disregard for them rather than intentionally treating them badly.

People just don’t care enough about cats to take the time to so systematically maim them.

Chatbot slave girlfriend

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