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contestants in the Herald Sun are told what the challenges are in advance so they can practice to ensure the dishes they turn out are good and the viewers will then be amazed at these kids skills.The father of a contestant turned whistleblower told the paper: The young chefs know in advance what they will be cooking and can perfect dishes at home, it has been claimed.

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The father of one contestant has admitted to hiring a private chef for three days a week over six weeks to teach his child, who was in the top 50, the recipe to success.

Production company Shine, also the brainchild of reality cooking juggernaut , said contestants did “get some information about the challenges in advance” but not recipes.

But the father, who cannot be identified because he signed a confidentiality agreement, said while the contestants were talented, their skills were groomed prior to the food being cooked.

“The kids act all surprised but they have had the recipes for weeks.

“While everything looks spontaneous, the reality is these kids have cooked the dishes 50 times.

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