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He said: 'It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on his estate.

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Whereas Java Script was once reserved for relatively simple and non-critical tasks such as form validation and decorative novelties, it is now being used to write large, complex codebases that are often part of a site's core functionality.

Run time errors and unpredictable behavior are no longer minor annoyances; they are fatal flaws.

Advocates of unobtrusive Java Script see it as part of the larger Web standards movement; much as the demand for cross-browser compatibility has driven the increasing emphasis on standardized markup and style, the increasing demand for rich Internet applications is driving the movement toward better practices with the use of Java Script.

The concept of unobtrusiveness in relation to Java Script programming was coined in 2002 by Stuart Langridge Other authors have tried to refine and define the essential elements of the unobtrusive paradigm.

David Flanagan's seminal Java Script: The Definitive Guide says that while there is no specific formula, there are three main goals: The purpose of HTML markup is to describe a document's structure, not its programmatic behavior.

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