Amerie dating now

by  |  20-Dec-2014 13:04

One of the ways you know you’re getting really old is when people start getting nostalgic about stuff that (in your mind) basically only happened yesterday.

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dating during marriage - Amerie dating now

However, Amerie almost didn’t get the chance to release ‘1 Thing’ at all.

The singer’s label, Columbia, were planning to give the song to J-Lo before Amerie and her producer leaked the track to a handful of radio stations.

It was an instant hit, Columbia had to back down, and a star was born – but not for long.

Amerie has since released four albums, learnt to play the flute, and added an extra ‘i’ to her name based on nothing more than ‘vibes and intuition’.

She has never had another real hit, and probably never will.

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