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Whether you're reluctantly single or freshly divorced, finding a suitable date can seem like a daunting task, especially after you graduate from the bar scene.Your workplace may not be the most appropriate spot to pick up a man, and many of your friends of friends are probably already taken, so where can you find available men once you're over 40? We live so much of our lives through technology nowadays that online dating has lost its stigma, and can be a comfortable format in which to get to know someone before meeting him in person.There are countless dating sites out there, but we've rounded up the best for finding a mature person to spend a pleasant evening with.

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While I was in the UK recently I came across a worrying genre of woman: the desperate woman in her 30s and 40s – the new Bridget Jones (BJ) – who has not yet met her soul mate.

Unlike in the actual film, when BJ was 33, the western BJ is now aged anywhere between 36 and 45. I have not come across this genre of woman in Mumbai: here single Indian women either resign themselves to singledom at 32/29 (When is the cut off point when they are “officially on the shelf” in India), or they get married. (There is, of course, the brigade of 40-something wealthy Indian female divorcees in Mumbai who party a lot; yet they display no desire to marry though.) On the contrary, in western countries where there is no arranged marriage system, despite the invention of online dating and speed dating, women in their 30s and 40s are, it seems, finding it more difficult than ever to find a husband.

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